New Pastries From Dominique Ansel's Spring Line Up

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

With all the publicity surrounding Dominique Ansel's latest made-to-order desserts, people may have missed that the bakery just released seven new seasonal pastries. Here are two of my favorites from the new line up.

The Coco-Mango Riz Au Lait ($6) features silky coconut-flavored rice pudding and thin slices of ripe mango. Vanilla beans enhance the sweet and aromatic coconut, and on top, shiny mango pearls bring texture and some fun to the presentation. Nestled inside the pudding is a slightly less sweet mango marmalade, which brings a texture all its own.

Rice pudding lovers—and I know you're out there—run, don't walk.


There's also a single-serving pie called the Lime Me Up Tart ($6). It's a buttery tart shell with a delicate crumb that's filled with a juniper-lime curd that's aggressively tart and sweet; on top, a soft lime mousse is blissfully light and just sweet enough.


The pastry is also Ansel's first go at user customization. Each tart comes with a fresh lime segment and a spoon-like piece of white chocolate that contains a mix of brown sugar and sea salt. The accompaniments allow you to season the dessert to taste, and they do well to contrast the sweetness of the curd and mousse.

While the crowd is clamoring for Cookie Shot or a waffle-shaped ice cream affogato, swoop in and grab one—or both—of these desserts. You won't be sorry.