Zucker Bakery's Chocolate Matzo Cake is Your Passover Sweets Solution

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

If you're looking to add something new to your Passover dessert spread, may I suggest Zucker Bakery's new Chocolate Matzo Cake ($2.50 slice, $20 whole cake)? The cake features a chocolate glaze with a shiny mirror finish that makes it look like it was just poured.

The cake's construction is deceivingly simple—just matzo and chocolate. But Zucker incorporates a few tricks to enhance the flavor. The matzo is briefly dipped in Stumptown Coffee before being spread with glaze and then stacked. There's also a second special ingredient in the chocolate, but it's apparently a family trade secret and they wouldn't divulge it.

How does it taste? The matzo is only partially softened by the glaze, so it retains most of its crunch. But it slices cleanly without flying all over the place. The glaze is sweet and uncomplicated; those expecting a bitter dark chocolate experience will be disappointed.

This isn't as much of an undisputed slam dunk as Zucker's category killing babka, but it's still worth a try, especially if your go-to humdrum chametz-free desserts sound stale by now.