French Louie's Ryan Angulo's Favorite Bay Ridge Restaurants

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Nearly six years ago, Ryan Angulo and his wife left Astoria for Bay Ridge for two reasons: to be near to friends that called the neighborhood home, and to be closer to Angulo's restaurant, Buttermilk Channel. Angulo's new restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, French Louie, is also a mere R train ride away from Bay Ridge, where a vibrant Middle Eastern and Italian population keep food interesting. Here are his favorite restaurants in the neighborhood.

Tanoreen (Bay Ridge)

[Photograph: Aya Tanaka]

Middle Eastern: Tanoreen is everyone's favorite for a reason. People come from all over the city to this place. We thought we had discovered it at first when we went to the previous location, but we definitely didn't. They've been doing great in the new space, which is a lot bigger. It's probably the most well-known restaurant in the neighborhood.

Pizza: There's a pizza place on every block here. When you live in the neighborhood, you try a different every one. We like other places, but Elegante on Fifth Avenue is our go-to now. I get the large pie with anchovies, olives, and eggplant. That's the one we get delivered, too. It has a good crust and you can tell they make their own sauce and dough. The dollar slices around here don't do that.

Date night: Peppino's is a brick oven place. They have a restraurant in Park Slope, too. It's a fun place with red-and-white checkered table clothes, the type of place where you get a Caesar salad and order a pie. They also have an awesome seafood salad with lots of calmari, octopus, and celery.

Falafel: King Falafel on Third Avenue is quick and delicious. It's a big storefront divided into two parts. On the weekend they sell falafel late, until 1 a.m., and the balls are fresh and tasty. So is the harissa.

Diner Breakfast: My wife and I just go to Pegasus a lot. It has all your typical diner menu stuff, but they have an Irish breakfast as well, even though there's no other Irish food on the menu. It comes with blood sausage, Irish white sausage, grilled tomatoes, two eggs, and potatoes. I get that every time I'm there.

Soppressata and Mozzarella at Paneantico

[Photograph: Carey Jones]

Sandwiches: Paneantico has this specific kind of bread done in a brick oven that they use for sandwiches. There's a long list of them so I like to try different ones. I had a good eggplant, mozzarella, and arugula once—I'd recommend you order a couple and share them with people.

Mexican: One of the newer places is Ho'Brah. It has a Hawaiian surf-themed taco shack vibe. The food is great, and they did a great job with the decor.

Fine Dining: Chadwick's is an old school steakhouse that's been in the neighborhood for a long time. It's just fun and always really busy, the "nice place" in the neighborhood. There's valet parking out front.

Bar: Kettle Black or Salty Dog is where we usually go. At Kettle Black I usually go with friends. Salty Dog was an old firehouse that's turned into a sports bar. I'll go with my wife to catch a game, but it can get loud and crowded.

Wine bar: Owl's Head. John, the owner, really knows what he's talking about when it comes to wine. I've become friendly with him since I go there a lot. He keeps a nic, small wine list. I don't know too much about wine, so it's nice talking to someone who can explain it to me. It's like a little wine lesson every time I'm there.

"Meat spice"

[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Specialty Grocer: Balady Foods is where I buy my spices and nougat. It's a Middle Eastern grocery and they have every spice you can imagine. I went in the other day to buy chickpea flour and then started looking at all the nougat they had.

Burger: According to my pastry chef Krysta Buckley, who also lives in Bay Ridge, Skinflints. It's another old school place and has a pretty cool bar, too. Their burger is on an English muffin and comes topped with cheese sauce.

Liquor Store: Long's. It's always stocked with a great selection of everything. They always have a nice bourbon selection and there's always something new.