Easter Treats From Epicerie Boulud: One Classy, One Whimsical

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

If you need to grab some small Easter treats before Sunday, check out Epicerie Boulud's meticulously decorated Easter Cookies ($4.50) and fancy hand-painted Chocolate Easter Eggs ($6). Epicerie's cookies, which are always solid, are made from a buttery sable breton base and are available in a two styles. The first is frosted to look like a colorful dyed Easter egg. The second is modeled after a rabbit's, um, derriere—complete with tiny cotton ball tail.


For something a bit more classy (and more expensive), Epicerie is also offering a variety of hand-decorated dark chocolate Easter eggs with a dark chocolate rice crispy base. Considering the quality—each egg looks like it was stolen off a pro pastry showroom floor—they're a nice luxury gift that still clocks in under ten bucks.