Making Beef Carpaccio at Aureole

[Photographs: Laura Togut]

True to its Italian origins, carpaccio is a remarkably simple dish, primarily consisting of paper-thin slices of raw meat. But like all simple dishes, excellent ingredients easily elevate it to a thing of luxury.

Michelin-starred chef Marcus Gleadow-Ware of Midtown's Aureole has an impressive take on the dish. Thin slices of raw wagyu beef are littered with a seemingly dizzy array of sophisticated garnishes that have a distinctly Asian slant.

Here's a quick decoder ring for the toppings in the photo above:

  • That big wiggly piece: a freshly baked lavash cracker seasoned with togarashi
  • Speckled white circles: thinly sliced fried taro
  • Tiny yellow dots: English mustard gel (made from English mustard mixed with honey and a saffron reduction)
  • Tiny brown dots: ponzu gel
  • Blobs of light green powder: Scallion powder frozen with liquid nitrogen
  • Things that look like fried shitake mushroom: fried shitake mushroom
  • Greenery: micro wasabi and micro amaranth leaves


Click through the slideshow to see the making of this dish in action, then keep an eye out later today for a step-by-step on one of their best desserts.