A Goat Sandwich for Midtown

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[Photograph: Ashley Tam]

Braised meat sandwich shop Untamed largely sticks to common cuts like brisket, but if you look, you'll find a midtown rarity: goat. The Chupacabra ($13) is made up of braised goat, spiced carrots, whipped goat cheese, and kohlrabi slaw resting on a toasted Grandaisy Bakery ciabatta roll.

For a braised goat sandwich, the name "Chupacabra" may not have been the perfect choice, as it means literally "goat sucker." The goatiness is mild—though the meat is tender and moist, it's only lightly seasoned and not too gamey. The kohlrabi slaw similarly adds textural interest, but not much flavor. So it's a good thing there are carrots dressed with chermoula and that goat cheese to liven up the whole package.

Like the chupacabra, the perfect goat sandwich remains elusive, but if you're looking for a taste of the stuff in midtown, now you know where to go.