Financial District Deli Pisillo Keeps Going Strong

A Sandwich a Day

A new sandwich every day.

[Photograph: Rabi Abonour]

Pisillo Italian Panini is a Financial District deli we already know does huge, tasty sandwiches. Like the Cagliari, the Roma ($12.90 with sfilatino bread) is a monster sandwich that will leave the hungriest luncher satisfied.

Size aside, the Roma is a solid—if somewhat unbalanced—sandwich. The base is thinly-sliced porchetta, which tastes good enough, but is pretty mild. On any bite with pickled peppers, it gets totally lost. That would be a bigger problem if the peppers weren't so good—sweet and juicy, they're the real star of the show. You could ditch the porchetta entirely and still have a great sandwich. Generously sliced mozzarella and perfectly adequate arugula round everything out.

All in all, I'd call the Roma another win for Pisillo. After two great sandwiches, I can't wait to check out the rest of the menu.