Every Bar Should Have 'Everything' Fried Pickles


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

In the past few years, "everything" has grown from a bagel topping to a spice blend all its own, and we're pleased as punch about the whole development. At Lock Yard, a new craft beer and sausage bar in Bay Ridge, everything spice gets put to noble use in a great bar snack: fried pickles.

Everything Fried Pickles ($5) come four or five to an order, long salty spears that retain some snap. They're coated in a thin, craggly batter that mostly serves to adhere the mix of salt, sesame, garlic, poppy, and onion to the pickles. Bite past that substantial crunch and you'll hit a shot of pickle juice. Does it need anything else? Cream cheese, of course, provided for dipping on the side.