Grandaisy's Fudgy Chocolate Tortino Now Comes in Single Servings

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[Photograph: Niko Triantafillou]

Grandaisy Bakery's Tortino Di Cioccolato ($3.50) is a chocolate lover's dream. The larger version of this treat has been available for years, but Grandaisy recently created this smaller single-serving size.

The tortino is a cross between a flourless dark chocolate cake and a rich fudgy brownie. There's a bit of almond flour inside to keep things from getting too dense, as many flourless chocolate cakes are prone to do. The aroma and flavor are complex and remind me of a good dark chocolate soufflé.

The exterior crumb has a slight crispness to it that contrasts nicly with the soft interior. The base is dense and well baked like the bottom of a good muffin. For best results, take with cold milk.