Amy's Bread Now Makes One of New York's Best Black and White Cookies

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[Photographs: Max Falkowitz]

The New York black and white is in delicate state, its future uncertain, its current champions few. Only a small handful of bakeries make good ones these days (Nussbaum & Wu, William Greenberg, Glaser's, and Donut Pub come to mind), but today we have good news, because we can add one more to the list.

And what a champion it is. With three locations and a reputation for great American baked goods (see: carrot cake), Amy's Bread is just the breath of fresh air the black and white needed. Their take, $2.75 for a substantial cookie, does plenty justice to the tradition while making a few subtle upgrades.


You'll first notice the icing, a smooth and snappy fondant. The vanilla half is fairly sweet but the chocolate side is rich and fudgy, deeper and darker than anything else you'll find in the city.

The cake is what really sets this cookie apart: it's much more dense than others, with balanced touches of egg, butter, and lemon. No black and white ages well, but the extra moisture in this cake makes it a safer bet for freshness. It's a cookie you can sink your teeth into.

As always, we're ready to hear your suggestions for more great black and whites. Have a favorite we should check out? Tell us in the comments.