A Worthy Key Lime Pie From Red Farm UWS

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

When Kenji's review of Red Farm UWS hit last week you may have noticed there was no mention of their desserts. But sweet lovers can relax because Red Farm Upper West does indeed offer them—at least four on the night I visited. So after a very good meal (yeah, get that shrimp-stuffed chicken) I ordered their Key Lime Pie ($8).


The small slice features a well-baked graham cracker crust that's salty, dense, and crumbles perfectly when cut. They also nail the sweetness level of curd filling, which is tart but not enough to make your lips pucker like you just ate some sour patch treats. Plentiful and soft meringue on top is lightly torched and not only looks beautiful, but also provides the time-tested complimentary texture to the citrus curd. Two perfect berries round out the presentation of the slice.

A scoop of lemon sorbet with a very distilled citrus flavor is served along with the pie. This pie is highly recommended after a salt-heavy meal that also has a lot of fried components.