Mike Price's Favorite Restaurants in Dumbo

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Chef Mike Price grew up along the Chesapeake Bay, so it was no surprise when he landed in DUMBO not far from the East River. It also turns out that he is only a few subway stops away from downtown, where he's made a name for himself. After a series of jobs across the city, he became the sous chef at The Harrison, opened The Mermaid Inn in 2003 and in 2007, he opened Market Table with his business partner Joey Campanaro (they also opened The Clam over the winter). When he's not working in the kitchen, Price shared the following favorites that make him feel at home in Brooklyn—near the water, of course.

[Photograph: Jamie Feldmar]

Pizza: I like Juliana's because it's as good as Grimaldi's with fewer lines. My kids love it, and they make you feel special. The margherita pie is my go-to.

Date spot: River Café because it's open again, and who doesn't love being on the water and the place looks awesome! The view doesn't get much better. I haven't been since it opened, but I've been waiting!

Indian: Asya has a mixed tandoori grill with lamb, chicken and seafood for $18 that's out of this world. Plus, the breads are great.

Fine Dining: I really like the food they are doing at Atrium. I've had some really good meals at the bar there, and the garden wall is cool.

Bagel: La Bagel Delight has a great bunch of people working there. My wife's father is a connoisseur of bagels and loves it there. The lox is great, but I'm a sucker for everything with scallion cream cheese.

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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Bakery: The delicious almond croissants at Almondine. My wife, Amy, really loves the éclairs. Also, they have a great pretzel bread with plenty of salt. It says something about them to survive across the street from Jaques Torres for years now.

Falafel: The falafel at Tutt Cafe is from the same guys as Bedouin Tent on Atlantic Avenue. They make fresh pita every minute they are open. Delicious! It's fun to watch, too.

Coffee: One Girls Cookies has great coffee plus little two-bite cookies for my girls. It's a perfect Sunday afternoon pick-me-up or detour.

Chinese: We'll order from Fortune House. It's that Chinese restaurant atmosphere with huge portions. I always love a good yeung chow fried rice, and the chicken with cashews is great.

Beet Margarita at Gran Electrica

[Photograph: Scarlett Lindeman]

Brunch: Who doesn't love Mexican brunch? Gran Electrica is really fun. Great huevos rancheros. It's always tough for me not to order chilaquiles, too. The Caesar salad and guacamole are also killer.

Bar: Superfine is a big, long, two-level bar. There's decent food plus they have a pool table. The cocktails are nice and strong. They have great beers on tap.

Burger: Jack the Horse Tavern's burger is on focaccia with gruyere cheese. You have to be sure to add the caramelized bourbon onions! The fries are great, and the rest of the food is delicious also. It's really a good neighborhood spot.