Melt Bakery's Pumpkin and Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches: Good Year-Round

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Rabi Abonour]

Confession: Until today, I never thought I liked ice cream sandwiches. Sure, I enjoyed the packaged versions as a kid, but more grown-up versions have rarely appealed to me. Intriguing flavor combinations are too-often marred by dry cookies and painfully frozen ice cream. It was just never a dessert that appealed to me. Then I went to Melt Bakery and everything changed.

The Jack sandwich ($4) is a holdover from the fall, but it's good enough to stay on the menu year-round. The two rich, chewy molasses cookies would be good enough on their own, but are even better surrounding a heaping portion of a light pumpkin pie ice cream, which tastes like Thanksgiving and has just enough sweetness. The sandwiches emerges from the freezer like an ice puck but warms up quickly to eating temperature. Melt's cookies are firm enough to contain their ice cream payload but soft enough to not squish the ice cream out as you bite down.

More of a chocolate fan? The Morticia($4) combines crackly chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream. As the name implies, this sugar-studded cookie is a textural experience, cutting through the ice cream wonderfully. The ice cream isn't too boozy—malted chocolate dominates, with just a hint of rum rounding things out.

With the weather today as awful as it is, ice cream sandwiches probably aren't the first thing on your mind. But trust me, they should be—at least Melt's should.