Macaron Parlour Upgrades the Brownie Bar

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Macaron Parlour has been on quite a hot streak lately. First, their year-old S'mores Doughnut went viral for a brief spell, netting the small bakery mentions on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and the New York Post. And if that weren't enough, they recently announced plans for a second shop on the Upper West Side, opposite Momofuku Milk Bar.

Now they've launched another baked item called the Goodbit Bar ($3) that you'll want to stop in for.


The base of the Goodbit Bar is dense, chocolatey brownie made from unsweetened and semi-sweet chocolate. Then comes a thick and chewy caramel layer not unlike what you'll find in many candy bars, but better.

inside of the Macaron Parlour s'mores doughnut

Macaron Parlor's S'more Doughnut, their first smash hit.

While the first two elements—caramel and brownie—are common to nearly everyone, the top layer is not. It's a combination of white chocolate and peanut butter with feuilletine flakes inside. The result is a crunchy band of white chocolate that tastes like peanut butter and melts like, well, butter. This treat is definitely for people who like their baked goods on the sweet side.

The Goodbit bar was conceived as an homage to fellow New York bakeries Lidditbit Sweets (especially their signature candy bars) and The Good Batch. Get 'em while they're hot.