Chinese Dessert Spot InDessert Does Green Tea Waffles

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[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

The menu is always changing InDessert, our favorite Chinese sit-down dessert spot in Chinatown, but this Green Tea Waffle ($6.50) has become one of our standbys. Three waffle quadrants (what happens to the fourth?) hit the plate with a scoop of ice cream, a drizzle of condensed milk, whipped cream, and some strawberries for good measure.

Don't expect crisp, buttery edges on your waffles—these are softer and a little chewy, but with a balanced matcha flavor that lends a bittersweet flavor to the batter. While most green tea sweets go for just a hint of tea or a fat wallop, these waffles fall in the middle.

Instead of maple syrup the waffles have three forms of dairy. In order of green-tea-waffle-friendliness they are: the condensed milk, the whipped cream (IHOP-style), and the ice cream, which I prefer to leave for the end when it's soft and melty, so it soaks its way into the waffle crumb.