Amedei's Tuscan Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Hits NYC

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

It's easy to miss the new outpost of Italian chocolate maker Amedei—the store is so tiny there's only room for a few people inside at a time. But don't let that deter you, because this bean-to-bar chocolate maker is special. In addition to high-end pralines, they have a wide selection of bars from Venezuela, Grenada, Jamaica, Madagascar, Trinidad and Ecuador. How do they taste?

I tried one bar, the Cru Madagascar 70% ($8.40) and three selections from Amedei's rotating selection of pralines, Mokita, Radici and Croccantino ($9.80 for three).


The Mokita is a coffee-infused milk chocolate. It's sweet as you would expect, but the semi-sweet exterior and coffee-flavored interior were free from the slight acidity you sometimes get with milk chocolates.


Though I had trouble detecting the Radici's rhubarb, the dark chocolate was fruity and complex. The Croccantino is made with hazelnuts and almonds, and it's reminiscent of those nuts in gelato form. Though it's a dark chocolate praline, it melts in your mouth like milk chocolate would.


The Cru Madagascar has the flavor elements that some chocolate from this region is known for: fruity notes and zero trace of bitterness. Find something to reward yourself for and try this bar.


Amedei has received attention for their ethical sourcing practices: they control their whole production process and don't buy their cacao from middlemen vendors the way most chocolate makers do. Chocolate aficionados who are interested in reading more should check out this feature by Pete Wells, who first brought Amedei to my attention.