Meet the Trough, an Ice Cream Sundae for 10

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Rarely have I looked at an ice cream sundae and thought, "you know, what I really want is three of these at once served on top of a pie with a heap of cookie dough chunks and hot fudge sauce." But the good people at Ample Hills did. Meet the Trough, an ice cream sundae that should be eaten by no fewer than 10 people, lest you take a fall from the deadliest sugar crash New York has ever known.

In the grand tradition of "kitchen sink"-style, let's-put-every-ingredient-we-can-in-one-bucket sundaes (see: the Vermonster), the Trough ($51.45) begins with a full pie. It's called "malty salty pudding pie," a gooey, very sweet chess pie in the Momofuku crack pie strain.


On top goes eight scoops of ice cream (your choice of flavors), whipped cream, homemade hot fudge and caramel sauces, chunks of cookie dough, a salty-sweet snack mix called "munchies," (pretzels and saltine cookies, mainly), sprinkles, and a small gummy cow in place of the traditional cherry, which laughs at your feeble attempts to conquer this scoop shop goliath.

It's comically sweet, because of course it is, because this is an eight-scoop sundae served on top of a pie and really you shouldn't expect anything else. It's also a hell of a lot of fun, pretty much designed for parties and large crowds of the worryingly daring. And when priced out per person, it's just over $5 each. That's assuming ten people; we tried with six and fell victim to the Trough's melty might like so many Jawas against a jiggling Jabba the Hutt.


So do consider ordering the Trough if you have a crowd, but take care with your ice cream selection. Go for flavors that pair well, and try ordering two scoops of four flavors rather than one scoop of eight—more isn't better in this case. Simplicity also works to your favor—scoops like vanilla, chocolate, and coffee hold their own better than Ample Hills's whackier ice creams.

But that's enough talking. Here's the Trough in all its gory glory. It begins with a pie.


Then one scoop.


And eventually eight, along with some whipped cream.


Hot fudge and caramel sauce (both excellent) come after.


Then cookie dough from the chunk bucket.


The finished sundae gets an inedible fence, as if that could contain it. (Note: the Trough usually has sprinkles, but ours were omitted accidentally.)


Stare into the Trough and it stares back into you.


Dig in fast while your spirits are still strong.


Don't hold back!


About here is where we cried uncle.


Until we got our second wind.