JoeDough Has a Leg Up On Your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]



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Some days, nothing will do but a greasy sandwich. And should you find yourself wandering the East Village on such a day, JoeDough would be a good start. The tiny shop sticks outlandish versions of classic sandwiches, and their Breakfast Sandwich elevates the basic bacon, egg, and cheese just enough to make its $6 price tag count.

The sandwich starts with your average bacon, eggs, and cheese, sticks it between a brioche bun, and cleverly adds a smear of garlicky sambal chili paste. The hot sauce doesn't try to compete with the other flavors or make the sandwich something it's not—this is still, fundamentally, a heap of bacon with melty American cheese and a buttery egg, gloriously un-gourmet—but the heat lends interest to that old, familiar trio. It'd make for a solid hangover brunch or, because it's served all day, an equally apt late-night snack.

Update 2/11/2014: The owners send word that JoeDough is closing to focus on private events catering, but they hope to add this sandwich to the menu of their new restaurant, Joe & Misses Doe.