New York Gets its First Canele Shop

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Canele By Celine has been selling their delicious mini-canele and financiers at various New York markets for years. Now, they've opened a brick and mortar shop on the Upper East Side in the old Martine's Chocolate space. Though quite common in France, this is the first canele-only bakery in NYC. They're also the only bakery in the city that offers different flavors of canele, including savory options.

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Canele are an eggy French pastry baked in special molds. They come with a caramelized, nearly burnt exterior and a soft, custardy interior traditionally with vanilla and rum. Canele By Celine offers 12 different flavors of sweet mini-canele, and they're all quite good. The entire line uses the same base recipe and meet good canele standards, including a fragrant aroma.


I personally prefer the dark chocolate, lemon, and gingerbread flavors, which are all nice change ups from the usual rum. The lemon balances the pastry's sweetness and the gingerbread adds a cake-like element that I enjoyed.


The savory canele is where things get really interesting. The Parmesan is my overall favorite of this group. It doesn't have a crust that snaps like a sweet canele, but the inside is moist and packs a sharp, cheesy flavor, like biting into a really good cheese stick. The Basil Pesto flavor with its dark green color is an intense expression of basil. Unlike the other savory canele, the Chorizo has a more fully baked interior and a very crisp, almost charred crust.


All this innovation comes at a premium, but I think the prices compare favorably to other fancy pastries. Canele pricing is as follows: Small sweet canele are 3 for $4.90, 6 for $9.80, 9 for 14.50, and 18 for 28.50; small savory canele are 3 for $5.90, 9 for $17.50, and 18 for $34.50. Large canele are $3.50.