Video: Noodles by Hand in Manhattan's Chinatown

Editor's Note: Welcome to a new episode of 1 Minute Meal, a series of video snapshots documenting the places, people, and foods that make New York a vibrant food community.

Hand-Pulled Noodles at Sheng Wang

Hand-pulled noodles at Sheng Wang. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The Serious Eats family is pretty serious when it comes to la mian (Chinese hand-pulled noodles), and blessed to have many options for a noodle break in Manhattan's Chinatown. In addition to being a joy to eat, it's a food whose preparation naturally becomes a part of the setting—and sometimes the main attraction.

Deceptively simple hand-pulled noodles depend on a few ingredients and the hands of a skilled noodle maker to bring everything together—by pulling everything apart. The process brings a natural rhythm to noodle shops like Chinatown's Sheng Wang, punctuating the slurping of diners with the sounds of dough knocking against the table and water constantly bubbling in a nearby drum.

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About the videographer: James Boo has been a Serious Eats contributor since 2010. Working as a freelance journalist, he is also the founder of Real Cheap Eats and a documentarian. Check out his food-and-travel blog, The Eaten Path, for more journeys to the real meal.