A Pumpkin Sandwich Cookie From the Macaron Experts at Bisous Ciao

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Just because Bisous Ciao is a macaron specialty shop (and a damn good one at that) doesn't mean they can't join the fun and offer a special non-macaron, seasonal pumpkin pastry. Enter their beautiful Pumpkin Tresor ($6).

The Pumpkin Tresor dessert (tresor means "treasure" in French) is much more than just an oversized pumpkin macaron. Though the shells are macaron cookies, the interior is more like a multi-layered entremet with four pumpkin-based components.


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First there's a thick and creamy pumpkin cremeux that rings the inside of the shells. The center contains a square of pumpkin cake that's surrounded by a slightly spicy pumpkin ganache. Some pumpkin seeds on top of the cake layer add some texture, and three green marshmallow kisses and a dusting of pumpkin seed flour add to the beautiful, holiday-invoking presentation.


Bisous Ciao also sells macarons, including this pumpkin flavor.

Most people will probably eat this delicate dessert with a knife and fork but I found that picking up half the pastry and eating it like a sandwich was very satisfying. The small Tresor is large enough for two people to split, however Bisous also sells a larger version that feeds four ($25). They often sell out on weekends so go early if you plan to buy one.