Scoping Out the Sweets at Michel Richard's Pomme Palais

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

In September, the James Beard Award winning chef Michel Richard, opened Pomme Palais, a pricy French patisserie and to-go lunch spot, adjacent to the New York Palace hotel. They feature a selection of classic and modern pastries as well as high-end sandwiches.


The Eggceptional Tartlette($6) looks like the Michelin-starred version of a lemon meringue pie. It's very light—maybe only four or five bites. Two soft white chocolate "egg shells" hold a light meringue, inside which is a small "yolk" of tangy lemon curd. The eggs rest on a crunchy bed of "twigs" made from shredded filo dough—a fun gift with a cool presentation that won't weigh anyone down.


Pomme Palais' Strawberry Eclair ($5) is superb. The choux pastry has the perfect crumb—slightly crispy but not dry—and is a perfect cylinder from end to end. The vanilla pastry cream is equally excellent—it's not too sweet and the vanilla flavor is bold. A strawberry glaze on top isn't for show; its light berry flavor pairs nicely with the four ripe strawberry slices on top. Definitely one of the better eclairs I've had in a while.