William Greenberg Desserts Has Pumpkin Black and White Cookies

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Let's be honest—more often than not, buying a black and white cookie in this city results in disappointment. The main culprits are cookies that are dry, stale, or simply have no flavor. None of these issues apply to William Greenberg's seasonal Black and White Cookies available in Sweet Potato and Pumpkin ($3.50).


The texture of these cookies is decidedly cake-like. There's no crunch, no crumbs and you have to support the cookie from the bottom in order to keep it from flopping over. But the "cake" is perfect—moist, buttery and delicious. The flavors are subtle with only a slight hint of pumpkin or sweet potato to distinguish the two.


The frosting is much softer than what you find on most other black and white cookies. It's really more like cake frosting, almost wet to the touch. Typically, the frosting on a black and white cookie is dry and much firmer like fondant. For some upstate New Yorkers, these cookies are closer to what may be called "half moons."


I enjoyed both cookies but have to give the edge to the pumpkin, which has a more textured crumb with some bits of spice. Both cookies are available at William Greenberg's original Upper East Side store and their Plaza Food Hall location.