Steakcraft: The Ultra-Premium Steaks of Le Cirque


Behind the scenes of New York's premium dry-aged steaks. An in-depth look at the aging, cooking, and presentation of New York's premium dry-aged steaks from beef expert Nick Solares.

Steak Fact Sheet

Cut: Ribeye and New York Strip
Grade: "Beyond Prime"
Breed: "Pure Japanese breed" unspecified
Pre-Cooked Weight: Ribeye, 20 oz. (for two); Strip, 10 oz.
Price: Ribeye, $116, served with mushroom side; Strip, $68, served with sides
Price per Ounce: Ribeye, $5.80; Strip, $6.80

[Photographs: Nick Solares]

"I'll take another steak," is a quip that most steakhouse waiters tire of hearing from customers their first week on the job. But the other day, within the gilded walls of the Le Cirque, I actually witnessed someone order another steak after their first—and they weren't joking.

The steak in question is no joke either: a 10-ounce New York strip that sells for $68, with beef from 7X, the same Colorado-based "pure Japanese breed" beef purveyor for Circo's steaks. Because of a perplexing legal entanglement, 7X can't divulge the exact breed of cattle that they raise, but suffice it to say that the price and overabundantly marbled loin confirm that this is some special beef indeed. The gentleman who ordered the second steak, a Le Cirque regular, certainly thought so.

The Steak of Le Cirque

Le Cirque's chef Christian Fischhuber showed us how he prepares both a New York strip for one and the ribeye for two. The latter is cooked in a steakhouse-quality broiler and sliced tableside. The strip can also be served this way, which is of course the purist approach, or in the classic au poivre style, which includes tableside flambéing and is reflective of the grand dining tradition of Le Cirque.

Take a look through the slideshow to see chef Fischhuber prepare both styles of steak served at Le Cirque.