Paris Baguette Has a New Midtown Location (and a New Green Tea Sweet)

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

It's no secret that I love Paris Baguette's business model—high quality French- and Asian-influenced pastry and sweets at prices that are significantly below most bakeries in New York City. And they're always introducing something new to their massive line-up up. On a recent visit, the glossy stack of blueberries on top of the Green Tea Blueberry Cup Cake ($5) caught my eye.

This dessert is really a cross between a verrine (parfait) and a fruit tart. Two layers of green tea sponge cake are surrounded by a delicious green tea pastry cream with just a hint of sweetness. More than two dozen lightly glazed fresh blueberries sit on top of the cake layers, mimicking a classic French fruit tart minus the crust. A thick blueberry syrup keeps the blueberries in place.

The secret to enjoying this dessert (and most parfait style desserts) is to make sure every spoonful contains a little bit of each of the layers. Enjoy.

And don't forget: Three weeks ago, with almost no press or fanfare, Paris Baguette opened up another location in Manhattan at 52nd and Lex. In September they opened up their second store in Manhattan at 567 7th Ave. Both new locations are larger than the 32nd Street location.