S'More, Meet Doughnut, at Macaron Parlour


[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

On a recent visit to Macaron Parlour, one particular pastry caught my eye. It was a doughnut that looked like a grade school science fair volcano.


It's called the S'mores Doughnut ($3). It rocks, and it's only available on weekends. The inside of this yeast-style doughnut has a generous helping of molten marshmallow that flows like liquid hot magma after you cut or bite into it. The core is a thick dark chocolate ganache. To complete the s'more-mimicking experience, a graham cracker crumble coats the top and opening of the doughnut like charred rocks recently spewed from Mount Vesuvius. They're delicious together in tandem with the lightly sweetened doughnut.


Considering the cost of similar desserts, some, just a few blocks away, (the Dough'Ssant, $5, the Cronut, $5, the Squat, $4.50 in Ft. Greene) this is a very good deal at $3. Get it now before it blows up.