Indian 'Sliders' Are Another Reason to Love Desi Galli

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Aloo and paneer tiki sandwich. [Photographs: Max Falkowitz]

The kati rolls at Desi Galli have earned the tiny Murray Hill lunch spot a loyal following, not least because of the chewy flatbreads that wrap them up. But don't stop there if you're in search of a good sandwich: these little sliders are another solid choice and better sized for snacking, boasting the same flavorful fillings inside a downy new bun.

The sliders are a spin on pav bhaji, an Indian street food of buttery pav bread alongside potato curry. Here, though, the spicy stuff is inside the pav and compact, not saucy, making for a portable treat. The sandwiches are small enough that you can try two or three with different fillings.


Aloo piyaaz chaat sandwich..

The Aloo Piyaaz Chaat ($3.49) is a loose patty of spiced chickpeas and fluffy potatoes, which get their deep, subtle heat from cumin and a sprightliness thanks to fresh cilantro and coriander seeds. Aloo and Paneer Tiki ($3.49) is more rich, the same potatoes enriched by chunks of soft, fresh, assertively spiced paneer.

Both sandwiches are garnished with red onions, whose sautéed sweetness rounds everything out, and a bright, spicy mint-cilantro chutney that's worth hoarding. The bread itself is also a treat: pillowy and toasted on the griddle, reminiscent of a potato roll, but with a firmer texture.