If You Like Bacon Sweets, There's Baconery

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Update 3/18/2014: This venue is now closed.

Baconery, if you didn't already guess, sells all kinds of foods that contain bacon. Their menu includes savory bacon-centric sandwiches, sweets, and even vegetarian friendly items made from soy bacon. I tried three sweets from the bakery.


The Bacon Pretzel Rod ($2.49) takes a standard salted pretzel and adds a generous coating of dark chocolate and bacon bits. The salt, bacon and chocolate trifecta make for a satisfying snack, though I wish the chocolate were a bit darker or more bitter.


The Bacon Brownie ($2.95) is a well executed cake-style brownie with a  modest amount of chocolate flavor. Small slabs of bacon add some crunch and saltiness to each bite. Since every brownie is made in an individual mold, people who like "ends" with their slightly more well baked edges, will appreciate these.

My favorite bakery item of the three was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie ($2.99). In addition to peanut butter chips, the cookie also has white and milk chocolate chips and bacon bits. The peanut butter chips, bacon, and chocolate cookie base go very nicely together with just the right amount of salt, fat, and peanut butter flavor.

Though all three items were made fresh that day, this cookie seemed fresher than the other two items. But it's a high asking price—three dollars—for a single cookie. Perhaps that's the price to pay for wanting bacon in everything.