So This is What Real Vanilla Custard Tastes Like: White Cow Dairy

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Vanilla custard white cow dairy

[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

If ever there was a snack for people who say they don't like their desserts to be too sweet, this is it. White Cow Dairy's Vanilla Custard ($3.99) is nearly devoid of sweetness. The ingredient list includes "Blue Hill maple sugar" but damn if I can detect anything that tastes even remotely sugary.

What it lacks in sweetness it makes up in pure unadulterated vanilla flavor. It also has an unusual full-fat dairy base like cream on its way to butter. The closest comparison I can think of is vanilla strained sky from Siggi's. But that yogurt doesn't have any fat and as good a product as it is, the flavor suffers because of it.

Vanilla custard from white cow dairy

A quick glance inside the open container shows a massive concentration of real vanilla beans sitting inside the thick custard. How thick is it? You can take off the lid, turn the glass upside down, shake it vigorously, and the custard won't spill out. Don't try that with yogurt—strained or not.


The thick, all-glass container tends to stand out on the refrigerator shelf. And how can you not like the cool cow graphic? It reminds me of an old school milk jug. Check out White Cow Dairy's super-minimalist website to see their other products. Right now, the only place to buy them in person is Murray's Cheese.