Video: Robert Sietsema Talks the Art of Hand-Pulled Noodles

Hand-pulled noodles at Super Taste. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Over on Eater, Robert Sietsema brings a camera crew down to Super Taste in Chinatown to produce this video profiling the restaurant's hand-pulled noodles—the first to come to New York, he says, in 2005. The short video, which looks more like a segment from a longer documentary I really want to watch, recalls the millennia-old history of la mian, Chinese noodles whirled in the air, slapped on countertops, pulled apart by fingers, and plunged into boiling water.

We also meet Steven Yan, the proprietor of Super Taste, who studied "the art of noodle-making" in Lan Zhou before immigrating to the U.S. At Super Taste he serves noodles in Lan Zhou and Fu Zhou styles, spicy broths with beef for the former, mild broths with pork marrow bones and greens for the latter—a nod to Chinatown's Fujianese population.


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