A Jew and a Pit Master Walk Into a Bar: Sacred and Profane's Porky Comfort Food Dinner

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

They say no one loves bacon more than Jews who can't eat it, and while our New York burger reviewer Noah Arenstein is under no religious dietary restrictions, the man loves his pork. He also loves his Jewish comfort food, which led to him kicking off a Jewish sandwich stall at Smorgasburg this past summer, where he served up tuna melts on everything bagel-spiced croissants and a pickle and farmer cheese sandwich on bread made from sliced, pan-fried kugel.

The menu.

Tyson Ho also loves his pork, and over the summer he had a project of his own: the Arrogant Swine, New York's official introduction to North Carolina-style whole hog barbecue. Needless to say, the two cooks get along.

Porky glory

A ham-and-cheese noodle kugel Cubano with smoked pork shoulder.

So what happens when a Jewish mensch from Cincinnati and a Southern food-obsessed guy from Flushing cook together? Last night's Sacred and Profane dinner at Jimmy's No. 43, a meal of Jewish comfort food with some decidedly porcine twists. On the menu: latkes topped with pimento cheese and fried mortadella; cholent fortified with ham hocks; a Cubano built on "bread" made from ham and cheese kugel. And plenty more.

As Noah and Tyson are both friends of Serious Eats, Robyn and I hopped into the kitchen to see the meal in action. Take a look at the slideshow for the play by play.