Midtown East Is Not a Bakery Wasteland: Honey Pumpkin Cake From Dishes

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

If you work in Midtown East you probably know that high quality bakeries are in short supply. Dishes, the breakfast- and lunch-only take-out restaurant is the rare exception. They have their own in-house baker who prepares a variety of excellent items every day, including a fantastic blueberry quinoa muffin and very good sugar-free, morning glory muffin.

Dishes also shines when it comes to simple, seasonal items that are executed well. Their Honey Pumpkin Cake ($2.75), for instance, is superb.

This cake is lightly sweetened and has the distinct aroma of honey. The entire large slice is also very uniform with a smooth, dense texture, like that of a good pound cake. Though the cake has a strong pumpkin flavor, there's no pumpkin pulp, walnuts, or any other ingredients that lend any texture. So don't expect the earthy, nutty, Vermont-bake-sale version of this cake.

A thin layer of buttery frosting adds mild sweetness to make this the perfect fall dessert.