Ceci-Cela's Spinach Pie, Sweet and Savory Breakfast All in One


[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

When it comes to breakfast there's savory and sweet, and usually ne'er the two shall meet. Not so with Ceci-Cela's Spinach Pie ($3). The bakery's flaky, laminated dough is folded over a spinach and ricotta filling, leaving one side of the pie plain, slightly sweet, and croissant-like, while loading the other side with creamy ricotta and fresh, minerally spinach. One might call the unequal distribution of filling a pain. But stay optimistic! It's a sweet and savory breakfast all in one, both sides done well.

As you may recall, Ceci-Cela knows a thing or two about pastry. In 2010 we crowned their croissant as our favorite in New York.