Where Take Root's Anna Hieronimus and Elise Kornack Eat in Cobble Hill

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Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus are the only employees of their business, so spending a lot of time in their shoebox-sized, yoga-studio-cum-restaurant Take Root (recently reviewed favorably in the Times) was going to be a no-brainer.

While it was the main reason they moved to Cobble Hill, the couple—they plan to get married in a few weeks—has found that as they created a welcoming restaurant for diners, they've also discovered gems in the neighborhood during their down time. We sat down with Kornack (she's the chef) and Hieronimus (who works front of the hosue) to talk about their favorite spots.

Beet Salad from Colonie

[Photograph: Andrew Strenio]

Breakfast and Brunch EK: We work on weekends usually. If we do, we'd go to Colonie. We love the atmosphere. It's a very well-oiled machine. The staff is very accommodating. The food is very consistent and you know what you're going to it. It's basic and yummy. AH: The pancakes are really good. EK: We always get oysters, too. AH: The eggs, beans and mushrooms are really good. It's like all our favorite things in one dish.

Burger EK: Prime Meats. I get it medium rare. I get blue cheese on mine because when I worked at Spotted Pig that was the combination. Just the meat and cheese. So it's a cheeseburger, I guess. It's also high quality meat, cooked the way you like it, with a good meat to bun ratio. There's nothing worse than a lot of bread and no meat. AH: I like mine with lots of mayonnaise and onions. Lots of cheese, too. EK: But we don't like tomatoes. It just makes the burger soggy.

Coffee EK: We go to Ted and Honey. I only drink drip coffee with just a little half and half with some sugar. I like heavy cream but not every place will let me have that. AH: I like Ted and Honey, too. It's just a nice quiet place to hang out, and it's close to where we walk our dogs. EK: The staff is really friendly and it's quick.

Bakery EK: We get the lobster tails from Court Pastry Shop. They remind me of my childhood and they're very well made. The cream inside isn't too sweet and the dough is flaky. It's big enough to split for two people. AH: When we cook dinner at home, we don't always make dessert at home. They also have a good Italian ice in the summer.

Cheese EK: Stinky Brooklyn. We don't go very often. If we do go, we'd go there. Again, it's a nice, organized business. They have a nice variety of cheese. AH: They have fine vinegars and olive oils. They also have good sandwiches.

Sandwich EK: The fried chicken sandwich at Seersucker. It's really simple. It's a bun with fried chicken, shredded lettuce, potato roll. The shredded lettuce is really key. It's iceberg lettuce. AH: The mayonnaise is really creamy. EK: They don't give you chips or pickles, though. AH: They change their menu but that's on there all the time.

Ike's Wings at Pok Pok NY

[Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Thai EK: Pok Pok. We also live right around the corner. The mushroom salad is really amazing. Anna always gets this curry clay pot. AH: It's a noodle soup. It's a mild soup because I don't like as much spice as Elise. It's like a coconut broth. EK: I like very salty, acidic food. AH: We always get the wings.

Shopping AH: For one stop shopping, we go to Union Market. Union Market has everything that we "need." EK: It's very clean and I like their music. AH: The jazz is nice. You do have to pick the right time to go there because people sometimes bring their whole family there. You have to be smart about what time you go. EK: I want to also mention Sahadi's on Atlantic. I go there for all my spices and grains.

Gnocchi with Favas and Peas at Battersby

[Photograph: Maggie Hoffman]

Date night AH: Battersby. The food is just really delicious and really simple. EK: You just know it's going to be good. It's not overfussed. If we're going to go out to eat, we want to make sure the food is good for our money. AH: Or it has to be a really pretty space. EK: Good service is very important to us.

Bar EK: Bar Great Harry is definitely a dive bar. Henry Public is down the street from us and has a young crowd. AH: We also love Gowanus Yacht Club. We go there a lot in the summer. It's outside and relaxed. It's not open all year round.

Sushi EK: Hibino. It's really fresh. AH: Really fresh. EK: The omakase is totally worth it. They have nice mini-composed plates. AH: They also make their own tofu.

Blue Marble Coconut Ice Cream ($4.89 for a single scoop)

Ice cream EK: I like Blue Marble a lot. Especially their coconut.