Find Maple Cotton Candy at the Union Square Greenmarket

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

On a recent visit to the Union Square Greenmarket, something unusual caught my eye. It was a product that seemed a bit incongruous next to all the fresh, colorful produce. But there they were, big fluffy bags of cotton candy, suspended inside a vendor's tent.

The bags belonged to Roxbury Mountain Maple who sell their Maple- Flavored Cotton Candy in mid-sized tubs ($3) and larger bags ($5). They also sell all kinds of other maple candy products, but the cotton candy seems like the most fun.

Roxbury farm cotton candy

Even in the hot, humid weather we've seen of late, the candy was light and airy, with no hard spots that would indicate sugar melting and clumping together. It has a mild but distinct maple flavor

Roxbury farm cotton candy from the Union Square farmer's market

Some might miss the fluorescent colors one usually associates with cotton candy, but not me. I appreciate the natural beige tint, the signature color of real maple candy products.

Roxbury Mountain Maple is at the Union Square Greenmarket every Monday and Wednesday, so put this on your agenda for next week.