Liddabit Sweets Comes to Chelsea Market, and They Brought a New Cookie

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

When Liddabit Sweets opened their new bricks and mortar store in Chelsea Market three weeks ago they also debuted a few new products, including a Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie ($4.00).

As you might expect from a company that made its name from caramels and candy bars, this cookie sits on the sweet side of the cookie spectrum. The chocolate chips, toffee and even the dough are all very sugar-centric. It's well-baked but not quite crispy at the edges—this cookie is all about what's inside.

Chocolate lovers will delight in the plentiful use of large dark chocolate discs instead of measly-sized standard chips. The toffee bits are smaller and soft in texture rather than crunchy; they bring a buttery, caramel-like finish to every bite. A generous sprinkling of sea salt flakes coat the top of the cookie and manage to balance much of the aforementioned sweetness.


On weekends, Liddabit fires up their cotton candy machine and sells made-to-order Maple Cotton Candy ($5). You can even have it spun on a pretzel rod instead of a paper cone. Of course they also sell their full line of caramels and (fantastic) specialty candy bars (Note: this post has been updated to reflect an increase in price of the Toffee Cookie from $3.50 to $4.00 and a corresponding increase in size).