Peacefood Cafe Makes a Mean [Vegan] Brownie

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Peacefoods Cafe, now with two locations, has a well earned reputation for tasty vegan food and baked goods. Their Dark Chocolate Brownies ($1.35) are one of my favorite dessert snacks for when I'm in the mood for something a bit healthier. It gives you everything you expect from good chocolate brownie—but with no butter, milk or eggs.

It has a fantastic dark chocolate flavor that's every bit as rich as non-vegan brownies, because though it's vegan, it doesn't skimp on fat or salt. There's also a distinct vanilla flavor along with the chocolate that I really enjoy. The overall texture is more fudgy rather than cakey, but it's not a super-dense brownie. If you're looking for a dessert to convince skeptical friends that vegan baked goods can rock, this is the one.

As for more vegan sweets, Vegan Divas on the Upper East side offers a very similar product that I also love but in a larger format.