US Open Sweets (Including a Freebie) at Epicerie Boulud

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

To celebrate the US Open Epicerie Boulud has a cool-looking (and delicious) Lemon, Marshmallow, and Raspberry "Macaron" ($6) on sale through September 9th. It features two supersized lemon-flavored macaron cookies that surround a ring of marshmallow filling. The bed of marshmallow has a pocket in the center to accommodate four or five perfectly ripe raspberries along with some raspberry filling to keep everything in place. The lemon cookies are thoughtfully dusted with sugar to replicate the "fuzz" of a tennis ball. This is no petit macaron; the pastry is the size of a Paris-Brest and is equal in weight to about five standard macarons.


I enjoyed the marshmallow and real raspberries in place of the standard buttercream or ganache filling that typically goes in a macaron. Add in the almond flour cookie and you have something that tastes more like a plated dessert than a simple cookie, a deal considering a single macaron at Epicerie Boulud goes for $2.50. But here's the real kicker—show a valid US Open ticket and you can get one of these for free. (Seriously, one per customer).


Macarons not your thing? How about a fancied up butter cookie? Also on sale starting August 27th, unofficially in honor of the US Open, is this tennis court cookie ($4.50). It features a sable breton cookie base and nifty artwork that you can eat.