Fresh Doughnuts with Bacon and Pistachio at Toast Chicken Bar

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Toast, the popular and ever-growing restaurant with locations on the Upper West Side and Harlem, is now serving fresh doughnuts out of their new "Chicken Bar" location.

Though Toast sells five different varieties of doughnuts, including the more modern maple bacon and pistachio ($2 each), they're not trying to be fancy about it like, say, Doughnut Plant. There's no bacon-infused creme filling or any chocolate dipped bacon inside. Instead, it's just a really good cake-style doughnut with some fresh bacon bits on top—and it works. Similarly, the pistachio doughnut just has a small amount of crumbled pistachios on top.


The outermost layer of all their doughnuts are quite crispy and the insides are moist. The simplicity and emphasis on the basics of both the bacon and pistachio doughnut served as a reminder of why doughnuts are so good in the first place.

A selection of doughnuts from Toast

When I asked the person behind the counter when they were made, he said "we try to have them come out as close to 10:00 (when they open) as we can possibly can." True to their word, the doughnuts I walked out with at 10:15 were still warm and glistening with oil.