Where Can You Get a Good Burrito in New York?

Breakfast burrito at Stan's Cafecito. [Photograph: Paul Yee]

New York's never been a hardcore burrito town, but it has no shortage of burrito lovers. So where should they go?

We've come across some tasty ones recently, some from small taquerias, others from earnest hip joints. There's Dos Toros of course, which has its fans and detractors. And the only-in-New-York (and okay maybe San Francisco or Portland) Tastee Curritos, which stuffs burrito tortillas with Indian fillings.

This is a start, but it's no California. In New York's new fancy taco craze, have we lost sight of the simple pleasures of a well-stuffed, spicy and starchy, 2,000 calorie burrito? Tell us: where do you get your burrito fix?