Sugar Rush: Chocolate Chunk Cookie from Sugar and Plumm

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photograph: Niko Triantafillou]

Do we really need another gourmet chocolate chip cookie in New York City when we already have a wide variety of styles to chose from? Sugar and Plumm says yes.

Their Chocolate Chunk Cookie ($3.50) is loaded with two kinds of fancy pants chocolates: Valrhona Grand Cru Jivara Lactee (40%) and Manjari (64%). The cookie's style takes after the Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie in that the amount of chocolate nearly outweighs the dough.

Massive chunks of Manjari deliver bursts of fruity and acidic dark chocolate flavor. The copious amounts of milk chocolate coupled with the already sweeter-than-average dough, make for a very sweet cookie experience. It's well-baked all the way to the interior with slightly browned edges, but is still more soft than crunchy.

Clearly, this is a very chocolate-centric cookie. At $3.50, it's not cheap but its extra-large size and high-end chocolate make it worth a try for the intrepid chocolate chip connoisseur.