Great Breakfast Cheese Swirl and Glazed Brioche at Silver Moon Bakery

Sugar Rush

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[Photograph: Niko Triantafillou]

Silver Moon Bakery is perhaps best known for making excellent breads. Two years ago their baguette was judged to be the best in New York City, and we think it's still way up on the list today. Though they do sell a few fancy French pastries, I believe their very best products contain more flour than buttercream. Here are two bread-based items from Silver Moon, one savory, one sweet.

The Cheddar Chive Breakfast Swirl ($2.95) is a top tier cheese-and-herb baked item. Too often, cheese-based biscuits and scones are weak on flavor, undersalted, and generally lacking in cheesiness. That is not the case here. The swirl has a sharp cheddar flavor that separates it from the pack. Pungent chives are also present in every bite. A salty finish and crispy top layer completes the experience, and it's small enough to to tackle in one sitting.

Glazed Brioche starts with a perfect execution of a classic French brioche. The interior is soft and uniform, and there's a hint of sweetness and buttery aroma. The lightly browned crust gets a thin layer of sugar glaze. if you like a classic French brioche but find them a little boring, you won't be disappointed with this jazzed up, glazed version.