New York Chefs Answer 'What Has Cooking Taught You?'

[Photographs: Brent Herrig]

Interviewing chefs is a curious beast. We do a great amount of research in preparation, so that the chef's most basic or most publicized bits of history are understood before we come up with questions of our own. Each restaurant has its own energy, and depending on the day we might meet someone extremely focused and calm or a bit of frustrated angst at being taken from what they commit to most fully; the beautiful and arduous task of making food for our critical New York audience.

And oftentimes we sit in fascinating conversation full of soul, and the thoughts and opinions expressed to us help us shape what we understand of the food being made in New York right now. So while we continue with this series, we've compiled a few outtakes from the past six months of We Chat With interviews. In most of them, we've ended a lingering conversation with, "What has cooking taught you about yourself that you've had to overcome?"

Click on the slideshow above for some recent answers, or head straight to one below.

Daniel Boulud: Train the Next Generation
Wolfgang Ban: How to Get Back to Nature
Lauren Resler: Maintain Order, Stand Your Ground
Jonathan Benno: Never Be Complacent
Hung Huynh: Share Passion Through Food
Carmen Quagliata: Hospitality Matters
Sue Torres: Go with the Changes
Chef Victor LaPlaca: How to Engage Others
Alexandra Ray: 'You Have to be on Top of Your Shit!'
Masaharu Morimoto: How to Do Good by Mom
Thiago Silva: Cooking Has Endless Rewards
Nick Anderer: All Italians are 'Foodies'