Video: A Day in the Life of The Baoery, a Pop-Up Restaurant

Editor's Note: Welcome to a new episode of 1 Minute Meal, a series of video snapshots documenting the places, people, and foods that make New York a vibrant food community.


[Photograph: Caroline M. LeFevre

From the $1 peking duck bun at Flushing's Corner 28 to Taiwanese-style gua bao at Baohaus, New York's balance of bao has come a long way. So far, in fact, that The Baoery—a scrappy pop-up restaurant founded by a group of college buddies—has found success by serving their own playful takes on the bao just once a month.

This episode of 1 Minute Meal follows The Baoery on a single day of its pop-up life, telling the story through video and time-lapse photography. If you're interested in baoing down with the chefs, you can help them celebrate The Baoery's 1st anniversary on Sunday, June 16 23, at Williamsburg's Nha Toi. I recommend the fried tofu.

1 Minute Meal: "Bao Down" from James Boo on Vimeo.

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The Baoery

1st Anniversary Pop-Up at Nha Toi 160 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (map)

About the videographer: James Boo has been a Serious Eats contributor since 2010. Working as a freelance journalist, he is also the founder of Real Cheap Eats and a documentarian. Check out his food-and-travel blog, The Eaten Path, for more journeys to the real meal.