Snapshots from the Gourmet Japanese Fair at Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace, a bicoastal chain of Japanese supermarkets, provides an ideal field trip for serious eaters. On any given trip to Mitsuwa, visitors can dine on world-class ramen, Japanese comfort foods, and a variety of desserts—then fill their bags with snacks and groceries for the coming week.

Mitsuwa becomes a schedule-clearing dining destination, though, when it stages one of its seasonal food events—the likes of which hit Edgewater, New Jersey last weekend in the form a humbly named Gourmet Japanese Fair. Filling the interior of the marketplace with temporary stands to serve a stunning variety of sushi, ramen, snacks, and desserts, the Fair drew a steady stream of diners from opening to close.

In the past year, Mitsuwa has staged events focused on curating foods from Hokkaido and Okinawa. To this admittedly uninformed lover of Japanese food, the Gourmet Japanese Fair seemed more of an all-out affair, serving dishes that are found at every Mitsuwa event alongside a sweeping range of seafood bites that showed up just for the weekend. If you missed your turn in line this time around, keep the Marketplace calendar bookmarked and your eyes peeled for the next food fair.

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