Snapshots from the 4th Annual Saveur Summer Barbecue

[Photographs: Max Falkowitz]

On the steamiest day of 2013, 18 of the country's all star chefs gathered on the Upper West Side's breezy boat basin with their grills for Saveur's fourth annual summer barbecue. And like last year, they kept it simple. Grilled chicken, squid, prime rib, and baloney all got their day in the sun, and no one was shy about the Martin's potato rolls.

While plenty of food events aim for the overwrought, last night's was all about letting simplicity shin. Our highlights? Grilled mortadella with tart eggplant relish from Craig Koketsu and Scott Tacinelli, beautifully fatty lamb belly from Spiaggia's Sarah Grueneberg, and an ice cream sandwich from Altamarea group pastry chef Robert Truitt that had us going back for seconds.

See all the good eating in the slideshow above.