The New Amsterdam Market Pops Up for Summer

After a dispute with the City Council about the fate of the Fulton Fish Market, the New Amsterdam Market came back yesterday for summer, with 70+ locally-minded vendors selling everything from cheese to maple syrup, raisins dried on the vine to seasonal produce, from fresh-caught fish to cold-brewed coffee. And, of course, some ready to eat bites: tacos, sandwiches, and plenty of ice cream.

Unfortunately the market will not be returning weekly; its next showing will be in the fall, when supporters will be showing up to support something that, like Smorgasbar, is a worthy part of the effort to revitalize the South Street Seaport after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The market may be fighting for a home, but we suspect it's not out for the count.

Take a peek at the slideshow for a look at what the market had to offer, and check back at their website for updates.