Video: Katz's Only Jewish Waiter Really Hates His Job


Alongside the charmingly gruff counter workers slicing pastrami by hand at Katz's, you'll find one Jewish guy waiting tables. And he really hates his job.

David Manheim has dreams of his own talk show some day, but for now he's Katz's sole Jewish waiter. To share his grievances of working there he made this video—part audition tape, part Yiddishe jeremiad—about a day in the life of a server at the 125-year-old deli. Some choice remarks:

They say the customer is right? I say not here. Fuck them. I force them to get what is good. For example, somebody might ask for a cheeseburger. I'll say no."

"You got roast beef? That was your mistake. Where are you from....That's the problem with WASPs from Connecticut. They always get the roast beef."

"At Katz's there's a million things that make it a unique experience...You get a ticket that's your exit visa from the store...I've seen people get into fist fights over the ticket. I don't know why we have the ticket. It's the stupidest thing in the world."

But in the end, he also—sorta—admits: "It's the toughest job you'll ever love."

Check out the f-bomb-loaded video, a modern ode to Jewish complaining, below.

[Via: The Jew and the Carrot / The Jewish Daily Forward]


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