Steakcraft: Osteria Morini's 120 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Special


Behind the scenes of New York's premium dry-aged steaks. An in-depth look at the aging, cooking, and presentation of New York's premium dry-aged steaks from beef expert Nick Solares.

Steak Fact Sheet

Cuts: Ribeye
Grade: USDA Prime
Breed: Black Angus, Creekstone Farms
Dry Aged? 120 days
Pre-Cooked Weight: 14oz.
Price: $65
Price per Ounce: $4.65

It all started one night when the kitchen staff of Osteria Morini took a tour of their butcher Pat LaFrieda's facility. LaFrieda supplies all of the meat for Osteria Morini, including the massive 32 oz. dry aged NY strip for two. When LaFrieda took the crew into the aging room to show them their steaks he also casually revealed a shelf of ribs that had been aging for 120 days. Most steaks, including Morini's strip, are dry aged for around 28 days.

Chef and Butcher

Chef Asi Maman and Pat LaFrieda

Chef de Cuisine Asi Maman was intrigued and asked if he could offer them as specials. Somewhat to Maman's surprise LaFrieda said yes, although he warned that supply would be extremely limited and that the cost would not be inconsequential. Maman didn't care—he was eager to try out this unique beef.


Even before he cooked it he was hooked. "It's like prosciutto," he said of the intensity of flavor and desiccation of the muscle. This inspired him to create a carpaccio dish using thin slivers taken from the end caps before the steaks are portioned. Adding fried artichoke, Loranzo #5 olive oil, aged balsamic, and shards of parmesan cheese the dish highlights the aged flavor of the beef. It makes a great starter to the steak itself.


Once he tasted the cooked steak he couldn't wait to offer it. The steak had a profoundly funky, Gorgonzola cheese like tang thanks to the long aging, and a correspondingly buttery, tender texture. Because of the intensity of flavor Maman decided to offer it as a 14oz, boneless ribeye. And because of the price—almost twice what he pays for his usual 28 day dry aged prime—a 14 oz. portion sells for $65.


High price aside, the steak sold out within the first hour, and does so on the special occasions when they are available. There is no set schedule for the steak, so you should call the restaurant in advance to see if it is available.

Check out the slideshow to see how chef Maman brings the steak to the table.

Osteria Morini

218 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 (map) 212-965-8777