Help NYC Food Trucks Win Helping Hands Award for Post-Sandy Aid

[Photograph: Jet Blue]

During the darkest days following Hurricane Sandy's impact on the East Coast, there was no greater sight than watching help pour in from unlikely places. One was New York's food truck community—whose efforts we've documented—as they dropped everything and set out to the Rockaways, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and beyond to give immediate and instrumental aid to people who'd lost everything.

Now we have a chance to recognize them for their work.

The NYC Food Truck Association, a member and advocacy group for mobile food vendors, was one of the behind the scenes movers and shakers that helped make that effort possible. They organized a fast and effective social fundraising campaign to keep food vendors out in the field, netting over $50,000 in pure grassroots contributions. Their work drew the attention of the Mayor's fund and corporate sponsors, which brought in an additional $1.9 million—enough to serve an estimated 350,000 hot meals to people in need, totally pro bono. While larger disaster organizations struggled with the enormity of the recovery effort, nimble groups like the NYCFTA brought help to where it was needed—and fast.

The city has nominated the group for its annual Helping Hands award, which this year is understandably Sandy-themed. The award is decided by public vote, so click on over to the nominees, give them a read, and consider giving a small piece of thanks to people who did some inspiring work.